Sunday, September 1, 2013

Date Night in Seattle

I am so excited that today is September 1st Fall is on the horizon! Paul and I have been "house hunting" and searching for city's that we would like to live in when I finish school in the spring, with another quarter about to start I am getting even more excited that the next chapter of our lives is right around the corner. That being said... We realized that Seattle is pretty amazing and that if we are only going to be here a little longer we should start exsploring it while we have the chance.

So this evening Paul and I walked along the Seattle Waterfront and through the Seattle Art Museum's Sculpture Garden I started thinking about how great it is that there is a place with public art that is kept so beautiful for people to enjoy... I know some individuals do not approve of public art but I really think it does so much to create a sense of community and city pride. Not sure where I am going with this thought other then I just would love to live in a place that is as submerged in the arts as Seattle or even more so.

P.S. The image above is Paul sitting on a house sculpture that was built in the Sculpture Park you can check it out >>> HERE

Well thanks to my mom for letting me borrow her AWSOME camera and Paul for teaching me how to use it, I am hoping to have some better quality photos on this blog (pintrest worthy even) hope you enjoy and if you live in the Seattle Area I would definatly reccommend taking an evening as the summer comes to an end and visiting the Sculpture Park!

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